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Cookbook Review: Our Best Bites

July 6, 2011

I have followed the Our Best Bites blog ever since its beginning three years ago, and have loved the recipes that Sara and Kate post. So, even though Joseph has so many allergies, I decided to get their cookbook,  and see what recipes it had that Joseph could eat.

I love that this cookbook has tutorials throughout, for things from making pizza, to cutting a mango. It also has tons of pictures, including at least one of every recipe. I’m glad I don’t have to print out the recipes every time anymore, especially for those I’ve used over and over such as breadsticks, and guiltless alfredo sauce.

Of course, those recipes won’t help Joseph. So what can he eat from this book? I went through and counted everything he could eat as it was, and things I felt that I could adapt to meet his needs (mostly by omitting cheese). The bread and dessert sections were pretty much as a whole wiped out. But there were 40 recipes that were Joseph-safe, and another 9 recipes I felt I could adapt.

I was most excited for salad dressings such as cilantro-lime vinaigrette, as it’s pretty hard to find one in the store that Joseph can eat. Of course, that’s assuming that he won’t be picky about salad. I’ve also enjoyed the naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free spicy honey chicken. I was also pleased to find that Joseph could eat most of the fresh Mexican recipes that they have plenty of. I’m glad there’s at least one cuisine that isn’t completely cut out of his diet (like Italian or Chinese)!

So while I can understand other families who have to accommodate allergies not wanting to spend so much for so few recipes, I’m still glad I got this cookbook. And I’m grateful to point to recipes that Joseph can eat that don’t call for obscure foods.

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