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Cookbook Review: 2011 Taste of Home Annual Recipes

October 12, 2011

As I was growing up, my mother would try a new recipe every week from the annual Taste of Home cookbook. From these experiences, I learned to express how I liked or didn’t like the recipes. After I graduated from college, I decided to join in the tradition.

2011 is the first year where I really took Joseph’s allergies into consideration as I chose recipes to try. I went through the 2011 Taste of Home Annual Recipes Cookbook to list the recipes that he could eat. Out of 512 recipes, I found 74 that I could make without adaption, and 25 more that I felt that I could easily adapt.

I threw out a lot of recipes because they had soy sauce, mayonnaise, or worcestershire sauce, because they all had soy. But I have since learned that if Joseph can tolerate fish, I can sub fish sauce for soy sauce, and there are brands of worcestershire sauce he can eat. I have also found Vegenaise (a dairy free, egg free mayonnaise) that is soy free. I just have to figure out where to buy it if I want to make those recipes.

It was actually really emotional for me to skip past all the cakes and breads which Joseph couldn’t eat. Maybe in a future year I’ll attempt to adapt those too, but I want more experience baking gluten free first.

The recipes I was most excited to see in this book were the sorbets. The Pear Sorbet was Joseph’s first frozen treat, and he loved it! It also had a few recipes from Cooking for Isaiah, all of which Joseph could eat. Throughout the year, I’ve had several successes, and a few flops.

I wouldn’t pay full price for this book, or the rest in the series, especially with all the recipes I have to throw out for Joseph. But it is good for inspiration, and Amazon usually sells them at a fair discount. We’ll see how 2012 goes.

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  1. Gamila permalink
    October 13, 2011 8:03 pm

    This is really weird, but I thought I would mention it. I read an article that said that you can buy a lot of gluten free stuff off of amazon’s website. I don’t know how decent the prices are, but the article said that for areas that have very limited access to gluten free food amazon has a good selection. So, perhaps you can find your veganese there? And perhaps you can cut down on all those store trips.

  2. October 14, 2011 7:46 am

    I already get Joseph’s crackers from Amazon. It doesn’t have everything I want, so I still go to the store once a week. I just looked, and while they don’t have vegenaise, they do have another brand of soy free mayonnaise I just discovered.


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