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Joseph’s Allergy Test

May 9, 2012

Joseph’s back after we got home (over an hour after the initial tests. The cream they put on his back to help the wheals go down had time to go into effect)

I finally took Joseph in two weeks ago to get officially tested for his allergies. When the day came, I was really nervous about how Joseph would do with all the skin pokes. I did ask them about getting both a skin test and blood work done, since I wanted two witnesses to help counter any false negatives/positives. However, they weren’t too keen on the idea. And since I didn’t want to make Joseph sit through a blood draw too, I decided to let it go. I also figured that the second witness came from what I’ve observed of his reactions from home, which really is the best way to gage his sensitivity.

Here are the results: He was positive to wheat, egg white, cow’s milk, almond, hazelnut, walnut, cashew, pecan, pine nut, pistachio, and peanut. He was negative to brazil nut, macadamia nut, and soy.

So, what does this mean? I was already avoiding pretty much all these things already, so it doesn’t mean a change in his diet. The next time he gets tested, I would like to add barley and rye to the test to see if it’s just wheat he reacts to, or all gluten-containing grains. I am glad to have confirmation on the egg allergy. It lets me know that while he can tolerate baked egg, when he eats scrambled eggs, he was getting hives from the actual egg, not from a cross-contaminated pan.

I was surprised to see that he was negative to soy. It was one of the smallest reactions he had as an infant, so the doctor said to put it back into his diet and see how he does. We have done that – giving him soy yogurt four days in a row. Other than a little constipation, I haven’t noticed any effects, not even an increase in his eczema. Hooray! Due to the constipation, I don’t think I’ll be giving him soy every day, but I’m at least not going to be a stickler about finding chips and frenchfries that weren’t fried in soybean oil.

Another nice thing is that the doctor said to try giving Joseph some baked milk at home to see if he can tolerate it. The amount he said to give was a serving containing about 1/5 cup of milk in the baked good. I have yet to do that, but plan to do so soon. I’ll report on the details of that.

For the curious, here is the full list of numbers from the test. The first number is the longest diameter of the wheal (raised white bump), and the second is the longest diameter of the red flare around the wheal. All numbers are in millimeters

  • Histamine (used as a control) – 5/20
  • Saline solution (used as a control) – 0/0
  • Wheat – 7/20
  • Egg white – 5/20
  • Cow milk – 5/20
  • Almond – 3/10
  • Hazelnut – 20/50
  • Walnut – 15/20
  • Brazil nut – 0/0
  • Cashew – 5/20
  • Pecan – 5/20
  • Macadamia nut – 0/0
  • Pine nut – 5/20
  • Pistachio – 3/5
  • Peanut – 10/25
  • Soybean – 0/0

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  1. May 13, 2012 8:41 pm

    It’s always interesting to see others results and how doctors vary in their testing methods, results, & suggestions for future exposure. I’m glad to see that nothing is changing for you in the opposite direction, meaning more foods. It always makes a mom feel better when her hunches are supported too. Thanks for sharing this at AFW.


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