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Thoughts on E-Cookbooks

August 1, 2012

I’ve downloaded a few e-cookbooks that people have offered for free on Amazon. And I’ve found them lacking. Some are recipes that don’t address the main hurdles to going gluten-free (for example, they have a recipe for a sandwich that calls for store bought gluten-free bread. Hello! The bread part is the hard part! And you don’t even say what brand is good or where to buy it.) Also, even though I’m reading in black and white, I would have preferred pictures.

I mention this, because I’m considering creating a couple of e-books in the next few months. The first would be my short story “Crumbling Christmas Cookies” with the recipe for Joseph-safe sugar cookies. The second, would be a compilation of favorite recipes and blog posts. I don’t expect to make much money with either, but I do hope that by offering them for free for periods of time, that I can bring more readers to my blog.

What are your thoughts? What features would you like to see if I do this?

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