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Allergies at Preschool

September 12, 2012

My daughter started pre-school this week. Even though Joseph was too young to attend, I asked how they dealt with allergies. They are a peanut-free pre-school that is fine with having epi-pens on hand for emergencies (and so far, they have never had to use one). They serve snacks at school, though if there are allergies to something other than nuts, they ask that the child bring their own snack. And if something is provided that the child says they can eat, they will call the parent before giving it to them to make sure.

My daughter is supposed to bring in snacks for her birthday in November. I had assumed that if there were allergies in the class that the teachers would tell all the parents. But that hasn’t been the case. And I understand why – I don’t want to be labeled as the overprotective helicopter parent. Since I already have to deal with multiple allergies other than nuts, I wanted to make sure to include any allergic kids. Guess this means I’ll just have to call the teachers before my daughter’s birthday to find out what accommodations I should make.

Just goes to show that you should always ask if there’s anything to take into consideration when preparing food for others.

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