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How I Felt When First Dealing with Allergies

October 17, 2012

I’ve been thinking lately about the toughest times in my life – when I had a miscarriage, and when we learned of Joseph’s allergies. It’s really tough to get through those first few days, yet I know these trials pale in comparison to what others go through, such as cancer. Yet, I know that it helps others to know that they’re not alone. That’s why I started this blog – to share my story.

When we first learned of Joseph’s allergies, he was only a few months old. I went into survival mode as I struggled to learn how to change the way I ate, since I was breastfeeding. My friends thought they were complimenting my strength when they said “I could never cut wheat out of my diet.” I would darkly think back “Given the right motivation, such as your child’s health, I’m sure you could.”

I’d get mad when there weren’t accommodations made, though now I know that’s pretty unfair to other people. I grew envious and depressed when thinking about things Joseph may not be able to share.

Thankfully, I’ve learned, and I’ve grown. I’ve had my moments of grief, and I am better now. I do still hope that Joseph will outgrow his allergies, but I am prepared to deal with this for life, in case the worst happens. I hope that if you’re going through the grieving process, you’ll realize that you’re not the only one, even if your own family doesn’t understand it. It took awhile for my husband to understand what I was dealing with.

What have been your greatest struggles?

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