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Brainstorm for Allergies in Fiction

October 24, 2012

As I’ve looked around at books about kids with allergies, most of them are about finding acceptance among classmates. While this is obviously important to kids with allergies, I can’t help but wonder if there’s more that can be done with allergies in fiction. Although as I’ve come to brainstorm about it, I’ve realized that just like allergies are only one aspect of who Joseph is, allergies can’t be the only interesting aspect of a well thought out character. Anyway, these are a few of my ideas. One day, I may nurture them into a story. If anyone wants to take one of these and run with it and get it published, be my guest. Coming up with ideas is the easy part. Its the execution that’s hard.

  • A world where allergies are very common, but there is magic to transform one type of food into another. Unfortunately, protagonist is allergic to said magic.
  • A princess’s allergic reaction to milk is to make her break out in random transformations, but she’s run away and has to keep her identity a secret.
  • One of my friends has a novel about crystals that bring out the hidden nature of people. If people with thick skins (figuratively or literally) are turned into golems, what would it do to people who are hypersensitive?
  • Another friend has a story where children’s magical birth gift is determined by what the mother ate last before giving birth. It would be interesting to see how allergies play into that.
  • Wizards can only perform magic after eating something they are allergic to, and the strength of said magic is related to the strength of the reaction. Makes for an interesting cost, though I’m sure some might accuse me of encouraging people to deliberately eat something they know could kill them.
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