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Joseph’s Second Allergy Test

November 7, 2012

Right after measuring the wheals

It’s been six months since Joseph’s first trip to the allergist, so we headed back. I was interested to see if he reacted to other gluten containing grains like barley and rye, and to see if he might have outgrown his egg allergy, and if his milk allergy was decreasing. The reason I was hoping for the egg allergy is that we had given him some scrambled eggs without a reaction. As for the milk allergy, he did recently break out in hives after eating food that was cut with a fork my husband had used to eat his dairy-filled mashed potatoes. Also, while he can tolerate about 1/8 of a cup of baked milk, he has troubles with 1/4 of a cup of baked milk. He doesn’t break out in hives, but he doesn’t want to eat it.

The results came back positive to everything. However, the doctor did say that it’s possible the gluten grains (wheat, barley, and rye) are a false positive. He often sees people who are allergic to grass test positive to all grains in the sorts of numbers he’s seeing on Joseph. Grass allergies do run in my family, so it will be interesting to see if Joseph develops it too. In the meantime, he said to go ahead and challenge wheat & gluten at home. Those allergies tend to not be as dangerous as others, since the proteins aren’t as condensed in the food. So a few nights ago, I gave him regular spaghetti. He didn’t complain of any tummy problems, but the next day, his eczema flared up. I’ll test it again in the future, but it doesn’t look like this was a false positive.

For the curious, here are the exact numbers. First number is the measurement of the wheal (raised bump), second number is the measurement of the red flare, both in millimeters

  • Wheat: 8/20
  • Barley: 5/20
  • Rye: 4/20
  • Egg white: 5/25
  • Cow milk: 5/20
  • Histamine (used as a control): 3/10
  • Saline (used as a control): 0/0

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