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“I’m Allergic”

January 9, 2013

While we were on vacation over Christmas, we decided that instead of talking to the deacons about giving Joseph a gluten-free cracker, we would just offer him a regular piece of bread. (Note, we wouldn’t have done this if his reaction wasn’t so mild.) But when the tray came around and I told him to choose a piece of bread, he said “No, I allergic.”  I felt so happy that all our warnings are sinking in, and that he’s choosing to avoid what he can’t eat.

Then at Christmas dinner, his grandmother had made a section of the holiday Jell-O dairy-free just for him. But when I offered it to him, he said “No, I allergic.” No amount of pleading would convince him that it was safe. Never mind that he’d eaten a version I’d made before, and he’d liked it. He wouldn’t touch it. He’s continued to object that “I allergic” with other new foods that he doesn’t want to try. What a weapon for a picky kid.

But then he took things a step further. We must have been eating ice-cream or something that Joseph couldn’t eat when he asked for some. When we answered that he was allergic, he said “I not allergic, you’re allergic!” While he’s said this a few times since, at least it hasn’t prompted meltdowns, just sulking.

*sigh* Just a few more months, and then we’re out of the terrible twos and into the thundering threes. Joy.

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