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Cookbook Review: Eternally Gluten-free

January 16, 2013

eternally-gluten-freeFor Christmas, my  husband bought me Eternally Gluten-Free, which is a cookbook written by the teenage son of his coworker.  It was interesting to look through. In the introduction, Cura tells the story about how he was diagnosed with celiac disease, and how he does miss gluten-containing foods. But he keeps an upbeat attitude about the situation, and has determined to create recipes for the foods he misses.

The book itself is quite short, less than 100 pages all together. It contains a few pictures, all in black and white. I counted only 4 recipes that are Joseph-safe, and 11 recipes that looked adaptable. Still, I am very interested in the honey orange buns and struffoli. As my husband said in his gift note “Mmm, sugary Joseph stuff that tastes good.”

There were a couple things that intrigued me as I read through. First off, he made no-bake cookies by substituting crushed pecans for the oats. That wouldn’t work for Joseph, but it made me wonder if substituting quinoa flakes would work as well. I’ve been hesitant to give Joseph oats, but I suspect that he would be able to tolerate that. Also, he makes crumb crusts for pies with “cracker crumbs” sweetened with sugar. He never says which kind of crackers he uses, but it made me wonder if Glutino crackers would work in that instance.

Cura also blogs at Eternally Gluten-free

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