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2013 Plan to Build an Allergy-Friendly Food Supply

February 20, 2013

Our Food StorageLast year, I wrote a post on building a year’s supply of allergy-friendly food in $10/week. This is an important topic to me because I always want to be prepared for what happens, whether that be a natural disaster or the loss of a job. One of the ways our church teaches us to be prepared is through having food storage, and this is especially important for a family where there are food allergies, because when aid comes, they may not have food that is safe to eat. This post included a weekly plan of how I was going to build our food storage for the year. Here’s what I learned through implementing it:

I’m better at getting a surplus in some things than others. Beans I never seem to restock on by the time it came to buy $10 worth again, so I didn’t seem to get ahead there. Applesauce, I’ve been good at keeping a minimum number of bottles in my garage though, and my supply of sugar and rice has been growing steadily.

It’s so much easier to remember to buy these foods during my normal grocery trip rather than having to order it online. Even though buying online gets me access to different foods and could be cheaper or better for storage.

With that in mind, I’ve created a new list for the year to help me continue to build our food storage, so that we can be ready whatever comes our way. There are no amounts on these items, I’m just going to buy whatever $10 can get me. Feel free to use/adapt this list however you wish.

Week Item
1 honey
2 oats
3 potato starch
4 tomato sauce
5 beans
6 salt
7 spaghetti sauce
8 pasta
9 yeast, baking powder
10 sugar
11 rice
12 rice milk
13 beans
14 brown rice flour
15 pasta
16 sugar
17 tuna
18 quinoa
19 chex
20 kix
21 GF rice krispies
22 chicken noodle soup*
23 canned coconut milk
24 applesauce
25 shortening & oil
26 rice
27 peanut butter/sunbutter
28 beans
29 rice milk
30 popcorn
31 sugar
32 mayonnaise*
33 pasta
34 xanthan gum
35 tuna
36 wheat*
37 sorghum flour
38 pineapple
39 chicken broth
40 beef broth
41 brown rice
42 rice
43 beans
44 corn
45 green chilies
46 tomatoes
47 bacon pouches
48 powdered sugar
49 pasta
50 ketchup
51 crackers
52 tapioca starch

Shared on Allergy Free Wednesday

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