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Peace in the Face of Trials

April 17, 2013

This past week has been heavy on my heart. Most recently, there was the bombing in Boston. Then there are also the reports on the rapes in Steubenville, Saratoga, and Nova Scotia, and how rape culture caused two of the victims to commit suicide. In a personal level, those of you who read this blog do so because you, or someone you love, can’t eat all the foods that everyone else can.

And so, I am especially grateful for the messages our prophet and apostles shared a couple weeks ago. Apostle Elder Cook shared an especially poignant message about finding personal peace through Jesus Christ, even, and especially, in the face of trials. This world is far from perfect. Our bodies sometimes fail us. But when we find Christ’s peace, we have the strength to persevere, and even use our experiences to make the world better for someone else.

This isn’t to say that the grief magically goes away. It is a natural stage to go through. It’s just that Christ’s peace helps us to move on at the right time to acceptance.

May you all find peace, whatever you’re going through today.


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