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Benefits of Journals

April 24, 2013

Just a few thoughts today. I’ve been thinking a bit about journals lately, and how I need to write in mine more. This blog has been a kind of journal for Joseph, but that’s only one aspect of my life, and its good that I don’t forget that.

Journals can provide several benefits, and not just for descendants who want to learn about you. If I look back on my journal entries, I can remember just how hard it was to go through the tough times. Even though I have an excellent memory, it tends to want to fade those out. Remembering that helps strengthen me for the tough times to come, and helps me see how far we’ve come.

Also, it helps me to remember better the good times – such as the excitement of finding a new food that Joseph liked. you think you’ll always remember that, but it fades too.

Do you journal?

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