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Just Like His Sister

June 5, 2013

This week, my daughter got her very first bicycle. But before we would let her ride it, we told her that we would have to get her a helmet first. As soon as we said that, Joseph started talking about how he wanted a helmet too, a blue one. We hadn’t planned on giving him a helmet, as the tricycle he would be riding now wouldn’t go that fast, but we figured, why not? It’ll teach him good safety habits.

Joseph also likes to insist on pink & purple bowls, and princess plates at dinner. My belief is he does this because I always gave his sister first shot at these “girly” items, and he wanted a chance to have them too. He also plays with dolls and play food with his sister, though his favorite toys are still cars, trains, and balls.

With all this imitation he’s doing, I’m a bit surprised that he doesn’t complain more when his food doesn’t look like his sister’s. Or maybe he imitates her more because he understands he’s allergic to her food. I’m no psychologist. But I do know that if he recognizes that she has something that he CAN eat, he will often ask for some too. Or he’ll ask for his Joseph-safe equivalent.

Part of it must come from the fact that he’s always had these rules of what he can and can’t eat, and he’s accepted that we don’t bend on those things. Though now that I’m interested in giving him cheese to see if he can tolerate it now that he’s older, he won’t touch it because “I’m allergic” Still, I guess that’s the better problem to have than to have to take all these foods away from him after he’s developed a taste for them.

Now if I could only get him potty trained, just like his sister. 🙂

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