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Gardening Success

July 17, 2013

So back in May, I posted that garden death row only consisted of a strawberry plant. Since then, my brother-in-law helped us build a raised bed in which I planted a zucchini plant and my mother’s day flowers. I also planted a rose bush in the front yard, because I love roses, especially purple ones. I considered them all to be on death row.

Adying strawberriesmazingly, all but the strawberries have managed to pull through. I blame this failure on two things. First, I never drilled holes in the container for draining. I believe this gave the plant stress so that it never flowered even when it was flourishing. Second, I’ve been really bad at watering it during this dry spell. And when I did water it, I tried to be skimpy, because I didn’t want to flood the roots, due to the lack of drainage.

garden 1 01garden 2 03The zucchini on the other hand pulled through very nicely. This raised bed is 4′ x 4′ and I didn’t expect the zucchini to take up pretty much all that room. It’s why I planted my Mother’s Day plants in the back corners. Of course, now they’re getting practically smothered. 🙂 I currently have 7 zucchini on my counter ready for me to do something with, and some of them are pretty honking huge. I’ve got some recipes lined up to try them in, which will hopefully be better than my last attempt. My sister-in-law said that raised beds are what turned her into a green thumb. Now I believe her.

garden 1 03Although these flowers aren’t edible, I felt like I had to show them here. The sunflowers (not blooming yet, but look are looking healthy enough to) are the first thing that I’ve successfully grown from seed! The petunia I didn’t really care about, but I am glad that it’s lasted so long. As for the rose, after we got it, I was afraid that it wasn’t going to make it. The container holding the bush kept on getting knocked over, so when I transplanted it, it was pretty beaten up. Then it continued to lose leaves, and there was no sign of new growth. So I decided to actually give it fertilizer. What a change that made! I got so excited when I saw the new leaves and the buds forming, and have enjoyed the pretty and fragrant blooms.

How are your gardens growing?

garden 2 01garden 1 02

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