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Allergist Appointment

July 24, 2013

This week I took Joseph to the allergist’s. I didn’t request a skin test this time. Instead, it was more of a consulting visit. I shared what Joseph’s symptoms had been since we last visited, and the doctor said that was enough evidence that he was still allergic, and he renewed my prescription for epi-pen. We’ll probably do another skin test at our next visit in 6 months.

For the curious, this is what we’ve seen in the last six months or so with Joseph’s allergies.

Gluten – 24-36 hours after eating gluten, his eczema flares up.

Dairy – In February, my husband spread ice-cream on Joseph’s cheek, and it broke out in hives. He’s able to eat a single cheet-o without a reaction, so I’d like to see how he handles regular cheese on its own. However, he refuses it, saying that he’s allergic to it. Which has its own good points. He’s able to tolerate some baked milk, though only 1/8 cup per serving, instead of 1/4 cup per serving that the doctor says would be the standard. When I do increase the amount of milk in baked goods, he’ll eat a few bites and then refuse any more. No visible reaction, but that doesn’t mean that its making his mouth itch. It would be nice if I could teach him how to describe what his internal reactions are.

Nuts – We eat peanut butter around him all the time without a reaction. However, we recently had salad for dinner where the rest of us had chopped pecans. Joseph broke out in red eyes and hives that calmed with Benadryl. Windows were open (it was a hot day) and my husband and I had runny noses from hay fever, so its possible it may have been a reaction to an outside allergen. I don’t think I’ll chop nuts in our house again for awhile though.

Eggs – Joseph handles any number of baked eggs just fine. However, he’ll refuse to eat any by themselves (deviled eggs, scrambled, breakfast casserole) after just a nibble.

Allergist did reaffirm that he thinks Joseph will grow out of these allergies (except nuts) in time. So he wants us to keep testing his tolerance to baked milk at home. One interesting thing I noted is that on his chart it says he is anaphylactic to nuts, even though we have never seen that reaction. I guess since past reactions aren’t necessarily a good indicator of future ones, he wants it on there just in case. Hence, why we have an epi-pen.

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