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Allergies on Vacation

September 4, 2013

August has been a crazy month for me. We spent a week and a half away from home visiting family and church history sites. I was a bit nervous with how to deal with Joseph’s allergies, but it turns out I was worried about the wrong things.

The thing I was most worried about was taking Joseph’s medicines through security at the airport. But after taking them out of the bag and sending them through the scanner, TSA didn’t say anything about them. So that’s good to know for the future.

What I should have done, however, was made sure that the people we were staying with had an idea about Joseph’s allergies. My sister-in-law made us yummy meals. Unfortunately, I had to search through the pantry for something that Joseph could (and would) eat instead. I probably should have brought more of his food with us. I also felt bad that every time we ate out, pretty much the only thing he had was french fries. Couldn’t have been very healthy. On the other hand, my daughter was only interested in eating macaroni and cheese. At times like that you just have to suck it up and remember they can eat better once they get home.

We did have an interesting experiment though, when Joseph wanted to drink soy-milk at my brother/sister-in-law’s. We let him, since he hasn’t really reacted to soy sauce lately. However, his eczema did flare the next day. I wonder if its something in the soy-milk he reacts too, or if it was just the amount that triggered his sensitivity. Just as well I’m fine with sticking with coconut milk at home.

And now we’ve gotten home just in time to start up new routines with my daughter going to school. More on that next week.

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