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Allergies at School

September 11, 2013

My daughter started kindergarten this year. After reading so much about food allergies and schools the past few years, I was interested to see how our elementary school handled it. I’m quite pleased with the results.

She only goes to half-day kindergarten, so I don’t know how the lunch situation is handled. But I do know that the classrooms are kept nut-free. She gets to take a snack, which has to be nut-free. For her, that’s meant a string cheese, or an apple. Though that apple did come home untouched, but I suspect that’s more due to her not knowing the full routine the first day of school than her not wanting to eat it.

Then I was surprised to see that on the kid’s birthdays, they encourage parents to bring in non-food favors to pass out, instead of the usual cupcakes or what have you. I quite like this policy. The kids don’t need the sugar, and it means that anyone with a gluten or dairy allergy doesn’t have to be alienated either. Also, I will admit that I didn’t like the policy that any birthday treats brought in had to be storebought, which I have heard about (Storebought cupcakes just don’t taste as good).

So yay for my school getting it. Makes me feel better for when Joseph is old enough to attend too.

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