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Looking Out for Allergies in Newest Baby

December 18, 2013

After seeing Joseph’s allergy symptoms as a breastfeeding infant, I have spent awhile thinking about how I would handle any allergies in his younger brother. I brought up the history with the postpartum nurse, and she mostly brushed off my concerns, saying its rare for babies to be allergic to breastmilk (that may be true, but Joseph was definitely allergic to the food in my diet that got into my breastmilk). Also, she said that doctors are really only concerned if the baby isn’t gaining weight, or other symptoms are severe.

With Joseph, when he was 2 months old, his cradle cap was bad enough that the pediatrician was telling us what shampoo to use to help treat it. A month later, he had gained enough control over his hands that he was scratching his head until it bled. Also at two months, eczema was starting to flare, but a month later, he had bright red rashes under his neck, on the backs of his knees, in his elbows, and on his stomach. Poor little guy. Also, while he kept gaining weight, he was constantly fountaining spit-up whenever he was sitting/lying down, much more than a normal baby would.

Thankfully, though our baby is almost 2 months old now, he’s not displaying any of these symptoms. I was worried at first, since he was spitting up a lot his first week of life, but once he got the meconium worked through, he’s only spitting up like a normal baby. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this means that we won’t be dealing any allergies with him.

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