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Latest Allergy Test

January 22, 2014

allergy test 2014Last week, Joseph saw the allergist for his semi-annual appointment. I told the doctor that since our last visit, Joseph has had no problems eating scrambled eggs, and is doing well with cheese and baked milk, so we wanted to see if he had outgrown those allergies especially.

With the results of the test, here are the doctor’s recommendations. The numbers next to the foods correspond with the labels on Joseph’s back.

  • Try giving him wheat (3) and see if he reacts. The allergist is of the opinion that a lot of skin tests that are positive for wheat are false positives, related to hay fever.
  • Avoid raw egg (4) (mayonnaise) and milk directly (5) but continue with baked milk and cheese.
  • Avoid cashew (23)/pistachio family and walnut (21)/pecan (24) family.
  • Almond (19) and hazelnut (20) now test negative, though were positive before. Although if you look at Joseph’s back, I would guess that the hazelnut and walnut wheals merged together, instead of having the entire wheal attributable to one.
  • Avoid peanuts (25)

So this week, we have backed off on the milk testing and are giving Joseph wheat crackers. So far, I have not seen a reaction. Hooray! I have to say, I did not expect wheat to be the allergen that Joseph would outgrow first. I had hoped that he outgrew his milk allergies too, since he is no longer breaking out in hives, but he stops eating regular ice cream and cow’s milk after just a couple bites. I try to get him to say whether or not his tummy hurts with it, but I think I just confused him.

So what does this mean for the blog moving forward? I have a stock built up of gluten-free stuff to work through/give away, so I’ll keep doing some recipes, but it may be in the next few months I stop posting on this blog, as I don’t have to adjust our diets as much anymore.

For the curious, here are the numbers from Joseph’s test. And the results from May 2012 and November 2012. First number is the diameter of the wheal (raised bump) and second number is the diameter of the erythema (red flare)

  • wheat: 5/10
  • egg white: 3/10
  • cow milk: 10/30
  • almond: 0/0
  • hazelnut: 0/0
  • walnut: 40/55
  • brazil nut: 0/0
  • cashew: 35/50
  • pecan: 20/40
  • macadamia nut: 0/0
  • pistachio: 32/50
  • peanut: 10/30
  • histamine (used as control): 5/30
  • saline (used as control): 0/0
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  1. January 24, 2014 10:58 am

    holy hives! wow i’ve never seen any that big. so glad the egg and baked dairy are going well!

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