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Moving On

February 12, 2014

Three years ago, when I was watching Joseph break into hives after eating a crumb of zucchini bread made with sour cream, I didn’t think he would outgrow allergies as fast as he has. I knew studies that said outgrowing milk allergies occurs on average between 3-4. We’re there now, and he can tolerate baked milk and cheese. Other studies say that wheat allergy is often outgrown at age 7. Well, for the past couple weeks, he’s been eating wheat with no discernable effects.

We’re thrilled. But it does leave me wondering what to do with this blog. Joseph doesn’t care for straight cow’s milk, ice-cream, or yogurt, and he still can’t eat nuts. But that doesn’t seem to be enough to justify creating a new allergy-friendly recipe every week. So, I think its time to move on.

But given my success at creating an e-book of my short story, I do want to compile a cookbook of the best recipes from this blog and put it up as an e-book and in print on demand. It’s a lot more complicated than my short story, so I expect it will take a lot more time. I can’t say right now how long it will take me to format everything. Maybe a month or more. But I will post when everything is ready.

Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey. It has been a crazy, growing experience. Best of luck to all of you.

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