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Cookbook Update

August 18, 2014

cover copy copyWow, this has taken a lot longer than I thought. But for those who still get updates from my blog – I am nearing the final stages of completing this cookbook. All the recipes have been perfected. I’ve standardized them all to the same format (harder than it sounds, since my style evolved over 2 1/2 years keeping this blog). I created a cover for it, seen here.

Now, I have sent it out for a second pair of eyes to look over it to catch any typos I may have missed. Once it gets back, I will start formatting for a Print On Demand version through Create Space. When that is done, I will format the e-book. I am hoping it will be done by the end of September. Though as I’ve never formatted a print book before, or an e-book with so many pictures, there is a risk that it will be longer.

As a note, color printing is cost prohibitive, so the print version will only be available in black and white. The e-book will have color pictures of every single recipe, so regardless of where you purchase it from, I will provide a free copy of the e-book with each purchase of the print cookbook.

In the meantime, I have written another fantasy short story (unrelated to food allergies), called “Curelom Riders” that I have made available as an e-book. It is available for free at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s the description:

The king has been captured and sentenced to death, but Prince Omer isn’t ready to rule the Jaredites yet, let alone win a civil war. So he plans a rescue mission using the only way to reach the prison in time – riding across the sky on the backs of leathery-winged cureloms.

This 1,000 word flash fiction is a fantasy retelling of Ether 7:18.

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